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    Drill Sergeant Voices

    The drill sergeant is a bold, commanding character found in military or first responder training settings. The drill sergeant is an experienced officer, tasked with teaching values such as discipline, obedience, and respect of authority, as well skills such as marching, physical conditioning, exercise and mental conditioning. The drill sergeant may have many different names in different branches of service. It can be considered derogatory to mislabel a drill sergeant. One example of this would be the calling of a marine drill instructor a drill sergeant. The term “drill sergeant” is only used in the U.S. Army branch of the military.

    The drill sergeant is a no-nonsense individual, who will often shout, both to build emotional toughness and to condition recruits to respect authority. The drill sergeant will also encourage his or her students to train with proper form, and to be more disciplined. The drill sergeant is a strong individual, both physically and in character. The drill sergeant is also a good communicator, issuing commands in a quick, concise and accurate manner. When a drill sergeant is ordering marches, he or she will often set the pace with both a stick and his or her voice. In physical training, the drill sergeant will issue commands and encourage recruits to complete the task at hand. When reinforcing mental conditioning, the drill sergeant will shout at recruits with a strong voice. In historic examples, the drill sergeant would insult soldiers as well, with a hostile tone, however this has been banned in more modern times. This concept still appears in modern movies.

    Watching war movies and videos of military exercises can help you understand the role and attitudes of a drill sergeant. Embodying the leadership, authority, commanding voice and communication skills of a drill sergeant can ensure you voice this character with deadly precision.