Follow Van Gogh II - The Journey Continues

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Part 2 of 3 from the Follow Van Gogh journey. Original video can be found on my website under the \"Demos\" tab.


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our path begins were roads end through force across fields. In nature, we seek scenes from the past trying to discover what he must have seen. We descend further to the south, into Belgium. What? This is where Vincent laid down his Bible, picked up his pencil, inspired by the miners who labored hundreds of meters below the earth's crust. What remains are desolate areas. Memories of a rich past taken back by nature, a beautiful contrast. The dark, earthy tones they're about to disappear. Way can't wait for more brightness on appearance of colors. And with each hour that we drive, more color is added to the scene. Receive the landscape. Change winding roads, lead us into France way. Visit Thean where Vincent worked and staying. Time is marked in the walls etched into the wood light, ominous and powerful. Then, for a brief moment, it feels like time stands still because there, covered in a blanket of green by the two brothers unset Crable, Vincent and Theo the Van Hawks. This is our story. What is yours Look like?