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50s Style Radio Announcer

Voice Over • Videogames


Here is a presentation of my 50s style announcer voice over services. I can do a variety of styles in this voice, being dramatic, energetic, informative, educational, whatever is necessary for the project.

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American, Trans-Atlantic


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Hey there everybody. How are y'all This is Andrew Helbig from the fifties style announcer radio station. Where you hear some of the finest voiceovers in America. Now let's get started with today's show When sally gas Co. And her mother bring guests home for a late snack after a movie. They have something special in the way of a sandwich in mind. Sally calls it tuna rare bit. Let's watch how she makes it use anything sharp or sturdy enough to swing. Get creative with your implement but stay reasonable. And look here. This flashing battery powered machine gun with moving ammo belt shoots rapid fire bullets. There's a real looking walkie talkie too and a field pack. You get non com stripes, medals and battle ribbons, even dog tags. The best protection of all is the special shelter built according to specifications of your local civil defense organization. This has an air filter to allow ventilation. Our scientific knowledge has evolved through the ages concurrently with the minds of men. Our capacity to learn has expanded in the process