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Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention? The show is about to begin. Please take a moment to turn off, mute and put away your cell phones, laptops, PDS and pagers. Does anyone out there still have one of these? And if you're so inclined to eat candy or cough drops during the show, please unwrap them now. Welcome to the Hero Dog Awards. Tonight we celebrate our four legged friends and honoring all that they dio from saving lives on the battlefield toe lending sight or hearing two human companions or welcoming you home at the end of a hard day. Thes Awards celebrate Individuals who harnessed the power of information and technology to transform health and health care hymns is honored to bring the Kate Granger Compassionate Care Awards to North America to recognize high touch high tech care between clinicians and patients. It's the most anticipated match of the year. The battle for the female N. C. A. A women's tennis division title in all three levels, team singles and doubles champions will be awarded over 60 years ago. Girls Inc of Alameda County has grown from serving 20 girls to over 11,000 girls, families and community members. The proceeds from this anniversary gala inspire all girls to be strong, smart and bold as we enjoy the best of local food, wine and spirits. Be proud of what you're doing for the girls who faced tremendous challenge and know that you are helping to keep our truth alive and constant, that our girls can defy the odds and succeed.