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Now THIS is the fun stuff. I've been obsessed with animation since I was a kid. Anime. Final Fantasy. Pokemon. Have I designated myself \"nerd\" yet?

Got a video game, cartoon, animation, tv show, YouTube series, podcast or *ANYTHING in need of REAL characters?* Then I'd relish a chance to help bring it to life with authentic, believable, character-driven voice acting.

Real characters, impressions, accents, heroes, villains, wacky monsters, and of course well-grounded humans are all ready to play. And if you need weird, how about an over-zealous German Älpen-hiker? Or maybe an over-caffeinated space nerd, Kilt-wearing Scottish Lumberjack who teaches Kindergarten, or maybe just your garden-variety \"would-be Woody Allen fish\". If you have a character, let me bring it to life!

A couple buzzwords for ye olde algorithm:

Hero - German - Accents - Dialects - Characters - Funny - Anime - Cartoon - Action hero - Nerd - Jock - Stoner - British - Russian - Irish - Creature - Monster - North American - Villain - Maniac - Evil - Happy

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Young Adult (18-35)


German North American (General) Scottish (General)


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There will always be something to fight for. And I'll always be a soldier, no matter what the cost. And I will never rest until your driven from the face of the earth. So what could I tell you about myself? I'm a fish. A double to be eaten. What ifs? Uh oh. Absi. Go. I haven't had a word with 30 days. Busey's change long before they put a rope around my neck. And I'm gonna kill you before I go anywhere. So if you're smart, keep clear fire. I've spent 15 years hiking all around the beautiful Alps and help them rewarded with two delicious, yummy, yummy five. Tell me these are the two most beautiful slabs of meat. You mean boys? Arab youthful energy sparkle in the eyes. Just wonderful scenes. Today's generation. Hard to get him watch. He scratched me. What he was trying to say was, Okay, come and catch me. I learned what to do with reshuffle the world, right? You are a fool. If you think you can absolve that much dark stay, we won't be using books. Books are wonderful, of course, that founded walks of boundless information. But right now way we're gonna let him do it instead of Okay, guys, it all comes down to this game, so let's get out there and engage in a peacefully violent, mutually supportive competition.