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Brett Olsen

Calgary, Alberta

Wix Promo

Voice Over Video Narration + 19 More
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Mark Elliott

Los Angeles, California

ANIMATION Heroic Playful Evil Laid Back Royal Poetic Singer Characters

Voice Over Animation + 21 More
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Maxwell Glick

Los Angeles, California

Taco John's Best Bar In Town

Voice Over Radio Ad + 11 More
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Eric Fairchild

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Brother's Bar

Voice Over Online Ad + 21 More
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John Q Kubin

Pasadena, California


Voice Over Video Narration + 21 More
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Dan Weinberg

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Additional Commercials 20

Voice Over Telephone + 8 More
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Surfer Dude Voices

The surfer dude is a male character who enjoys surfing and usually resides in a warm, tropical location. The surfer dude is a laid back, relaxed character, and enjoys leisurely activities. The surfer dude character is stereotyped to put leisure ahead of responsibility, sometimes shirking his duties in favour of hanging out with friends at the beach. The surfer dude character is a natural explorer, and enjoys spending time outdoors. Surfer dude characters also speak in a distinct manner, using terms such as “like” as a comma, and may speak in a somewhat unconventional manner. There may be surfer dudette characters, as well, but they are not as common as surfer dude characters.

The surfer dude character can be seen most often on a beach, at a party, or partying on the beach. The surfer dude character enjoys spending time with friends, and has a carefree attitude toward life. The surfer dude character usually has a warm personality, and can quickly make new friends when he meets strangers on the beach. The surfer dude character may get into some trouble for missing social and occupational obligations; though he usually brushes these concerns off as minor issues. Surfer dude characters may be self-employed, or see a hobby such as surfing and artistic endeavours as their purpose, and pursue said purpose passionately.

Surfer dude characters can be seen most commonly in fictional films set in the 1990s, as well as beach oriented television shows and movies. Surfer dude characters are especially common in reality television shows, such as Survivor. You may even meet a surfer dude at the beach if you go out to find one in the wild! By adopting a friendly, carefree demeanour, and learning the slang surfer dudes use, you can voice a rad surfer character today!