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one day a farmer's prize voice right away, all his neighbors said, Oh my, what a terrible misfortune that was. And a farmer simply replied, Maybe, maybe not. The next day, the prize oars came back and brought six beautiful wild mustangs with it. And all the neighbors said, Oh my, what a tremendous blessing that waas You see the farmer only Stowe, that everything happens for a reason. We're somewhere in the middle, lies reality. Okay, so you've done all you can to get your customers to go paperless. You've told them how much more convenient it is. Ack you even run sweepstakes offering BMWs prices As the Ebola virus outbreak continues to increase in West Africa, US scientists are looking ahead to the use of new experimental drugs and vaccines against the disease. It can take several months or years to test, produce and deploy a new vaccine. Today we head out to Canyon Rim Ranch and meet owners Mike and Cathy Fleming. This 3000 acres shared ranch is located on the southern end of the Black Hills in South Dakota. The home here is world class, and the amenities of the ranch are second to none. Sprint is making a big push in 2018 to build out the Sprint network, increased coverage and provide a world class experience for customers. Indonesia has the largest economy in Southeast Asia and is one of the emerging market economies of the world. How long outlook is strategically located in West Java with direct access to Jakarta's Soekarno Hatta Airport. Do you know what happens to the food at the grocery store that isn't sold every day? Shelves are stocked with fresh milk, fruits, vegetables, meats and more. But what happens to the food that doesn't make it into your grocery bag? In the year 2000 Michelin, because of its innovative and pioneering spirit, introduced the world's first next generation wide based single tire. L Need A was a protected national park and marine sanctuary, locally referred to as the last front year for its are inspiring beauty. Tourism is destined to increase in L Nieto in the coming years,