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Brianna has a warm, smiling voice that is perfect for a variety of character voices including, but not limited to, stoner, toddler, teen, high horizon, bully, trailer park woman, witch, anime girl, and squeaky villain. While her forte is high horizon characters, Brianna's talent knows no bounds.

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Good morning sunshine. Do I have a story for you? So I went outside the other day and I found a flower. It was so beautiful that I decided to change my name. Two flowers. Hi, I'm princess panda. Did you know that? I live in a bamboo forest? I can eat bamboo all day long. It's my favorite. So yesterday we went to the mall and I like got the cutest outfit ever. But then I maxed out my daddy's credit card and he got super upset. Listen here punk, I'm only going to say this once I run these halls, I'm the boss here and that's that. Hey you boys, I'm Darlene, I hear you fellas are looking for a good time. Well you know where to find me eye of newt and toe of dog. Mix them till they're lost in fog bubble and rage and boil and brew. That's how I make my chicken stew. Welcome to castle morose where all of your darkest imaginations come true. I'm the maid. How can I be of service today? Oh Alfred. There's a world out there full of magic and wonder how I wish I could just be one of them. Listen here bob, my name is diva defender. And do I have a surprise for you