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    Toddler Voices

    The toddler is a young character between the ages of one to three years of age. The toddler character is a growing character who enjoys exploring the world. The toddler character communicates his or her emotions often, either through sounds or speech. The toddler character is impulsive, repetitive and usually loud in these communications. The toddler character is also dependent on others, and forms close connections with those around him or her. Toddler characters are curious, and like to ask questions. They are also very joyful, and laugh often. Toddler characters speak in a childish way, in both tone and content of their speech.

    The toddler character is a growing character, and goes through many phases of development during this stage of life. The toddler character is initially helpless and communicates solely through sounds. The toddler character then grows; beginning to walk and talk, and the toddler character also begins to develop self-consciousness. The toddler character at first babbles, but then uses new words and quickly develops a wider vocabulary; and the toddler uses this newfound vocabulary to express his or her needs. When the toddler character reaches the age of two, the toddler character starts monologuing; in the process learning how to express his or her emotions in a coherent manner.

    Toddler characters often have strong emotions and express them in a way that gains the attention of others. Toddler characters cry, shout, scream and go into tantrums when they want something or feel a certain emotion they do not know how to properly express. Tantrums are especially prominent in older toddler characters. Toddler characters are also more likely to express discomfort when experiencing new things, such as walking a few steps and then falling, or trying a new food he or she doesn’t like. Toddler characters are also expressive in their positive emotions. Toddler characters frequently laugh or giggle, smile, say things in a carefree way, and engage in play spontaneously. As a result of their happiness, toddler characters are generally friendly and good natured, so long as a tantrum is not occurring.

    Toddler characters are most often seen in television shows marketed to young children, or as minor side characters in other forms of media. Toddler characters may also be observed in documentaries and biographies, or in advertising. You can also spend time with toddlers if you or other relatives in your family have toddler-aged children to experience their attitudes and behaviours firsthand. By observing how toddler characters act, and learning about the stages of development real toddlers go through, you can make toddler sounds and speak like a toddler with relative ease.