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    Hippie Voices

    The hippy is a carefree character, who rejects conformity and embraces communal living. The hippy is also spiritual, but not religious, and does not desire much in the terms of material possession. The hippy defied social norms and had looser morals, attempting to grow more independent and individualistic. The hippy is kind, loving, believes in freedom and in respecting others as individuals. The hippy is usually younger, though can be older, and is a progressive idealist. The hippy is also very extroverted, and has a creative mind. The hippy is hedonistic, chasing pleasure and experiences, always looking for more enjoyment to be had.

    The hippy can be seen in many social situations, such as at a party or concert, working with others as a team member, talking with friends and protesting. Hippies are spontaneous, partaking in new activities with their friends. Hippies also enjoy creating art and music, and use their art as mediums to express their values. Hippies particularly enjoyed the newer forms of music during the 1960s and 70s, such as emerging subgenres in the rock category. Hippies are passionate about their lifestyle, and live in close quarters with others who think the same way and believe the same things as they do. Hippies do not get along well with the rest of society, and distance themselves from what they see as conformist society.

    Hippies can be seen most often in civil liberties and freedoms movements, as well as in movements that align with love and peace, such as the vegan and feminist movements. Hippies can also be seen at concerts and in documentaries about the hippy lifestyle, and in alternative music genres. Some examples of music associated with hippies include folk music bands like the Grateful Dead, as well as other bands like the Beatles. Observing the historical and contemporary examples of hippy behaviour and attitudes can help you voice a hip hippy voice today.