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    Cowgirl Voices

    The cowgirl is an old western character, as well as being a real hobbyist or occupational role today. The cowgirl is rural, often residing in the southern or western United States, though she can live in other areas with a rural, cowboy culture. Cowgirls have accents that would correlate with the location they grew up in. Cowgirls are often adventurous and persevere through challenges. Cowgirls are also hardworking and polite. Cowgirls may also play a love interest for a cowboy.

    Cowgirls can take on a couple different forms of character, ranging from a simple rancher, to a love interest, or a hero. She may be a supporting character or lead character. The cowgirl is generally polite yet assertive, and works hard to achieve her goals. She can be honest, or she can be skilled in deception. The cowgirl can also be kind and loving. The more contemporary cowgirl is the cowgirl who shows up at rodeos or stampedes, who owns a ranch or homestead, and is deeply rooted in rural American culture. These cowgirls usually herd cattle or horses, and are patient, hardworking and live simple lives.

    One classic example of a cowgirl is Jessie from the Toy Story franchise. Watching movies in the western movies genre or watching videos of rodeos and stampedes can give you examples of all varieties of cowgirls as well, ranging from the hero, to the love interest, to the contemporary rancher. Ready your horses and post a cowgirl demo today!