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way. All know that diabetes is a serious global problem, right? But how serious? In 15 2415 million people globally were estimated to have diabetes and up to 91% type two diabetes. That's one in every 11 adults and off those almost half don't even know they have the disease. In fact, more people died from the consequences of diabetes in 2015 than of HIV AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis. Combined. The World Health Organisation projects it by 2030. Diabetes will be the seventh leading cause of death. That's a serious problem. Indeed. Get diabetes remains an invisible epidemic. Why Type two diabetes itself is not linked to any clinical symptoms. Thus it is very often not diagnosed or diagnosed too late. Severe diabetes often leads to heart attack. Stroke, heart disease. Diabetes itself is generally not named as the official cause of death. So when the root cause of death is diabetes, it's often attributed to something else. This has meant that the scale of the problem has been difficult to track. The first step in the development of Type two diabetes is prediabetes. Prediabetes means that the blood sugar level is higher than normal. But no, you had high enough to be Type two diabetes. However, long term damage of diabetes, especially to the heart, blood vessels and kidneys, may already be starting the same factors and increased the risk of developing. Type two diabetes increased the risk of developing prediabetes and include, for example, being overweight diet patterns and in activity. Free diabetes and type two diabetes do not discriminate. It can affect everyone across all classes, society's countries and continents and unless action is taken now by 2040 around 482 million people might be affected globally by pre diabetes and an estimated 642 million people by diabetes, according to the International Diabetes Federation. So either directly or indirectly, all of us will soon be affected by this global issue. It will stress our healthcare systems, challenge our economies and touch the lives of more and more people that we know and love. To solve this problem, we have to have a plan and everyone in the healthcare ego system must work together. We have to help raise awareness, promote health education and promote lifestyle changes that prevent the onset of pre diabetes and allow a better management of Type two diabetes. Mark kg a. Darmstadt, Germany, with its 60 years experience in the diabetes area, is taking those challenges seriously and well. Proactively. Reaching out to other players, such as the International Diabetes Federation, to former lights is to improve management of those conditions with a beyond the pill approach. Let's work together to keep your future healthy and fight diabetes.