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    All About Singer Voices

    The singer is an artistic character who uses his or her voice to sing a song. The singer character may sing on his or her own, with another singer, or with a band or choir. Singer characters cover numerous vocal ranges, from soprano to bass. Singer characters often sing as an occupation and exercise their voices to ensure the highest quality performance. Singer characters use their voices in various ways to convey certain emotions in their songs. Singer characters are often confident in their voices.

    Vocal techniques of singers’ voices

    The singer character alters his or her voice in many ways to sing and has different limitations depending on his or her vocal range. The singer character often changes pitch, speed, weight, and timbre to express the pace and content of the song he or she is singing. The singer character also knows when to use pauses, when to breathe, and how to transition in a way that seamlessly blends with the music. Singer characters also know how to use vocal resonance to amplify and enrich their singing. Singing characters also practice vocal technique, ensuring a consistent pitch is carried and aim to have a voice pleasant to their audiences.

    Where you’ll expect to hear singer voices

    The singer character has many different settings in which he or she may sing. Common settings are singing in personal recording sessions, singing live on a stage at a concert, singing in a religious or civic ceremony, and singing in an academic facility. The singer character changes the way he or she sings depending on the genre of the song chosen. For example, the singer character may harmonize with other singers in a choir, sing in a chanting manner in a rap song, or scream in a song that falls into the metal subgenre. The singer character may even sing a capella, without instruments, and use solely his or her voice to carry a melody.

    The singer character can be listened to in a variety of manners, ranging from live performances to radio and online broadcasts of songs recorded by artists, to films and television shows which have singer characters as side or main characters, such as Disney’s sitcom Hannah Montana.