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D O D news is the defense conversation that never stops around the world and around the clock, timely information that you can trust and depend on d. O d news online on the air and on your device. This may sound like a beer commercial, and you may assume that I'm going to start talking about a night out with movie stars, beautiful women, stretch limousines and some sort of wild, majestic animal. Well, you're wrong, it's been said. There are two kinds of people in Key West schemers who were running away from trouble and dreamers who were running towards it. These guys are a little bit of both. This is lost in the keys. Welcome to no joke Marketing Weekly, the show that teaches you everything you need to know about profitable marketing that just works so your business can stand the test of time. Now here's your host, Michael Tasman ER. They were the biggest population explosion since the baby boom. There are more than 50.5 million of them here. They will grow another 167% over the next four decades. They can't be ignored. Go ahead on this episode of dirt, sand glory The funk Oh boys take on Wild West Motor Sports Park for rounds five and six of the Lucas Oil off Road. Siri's near Reno, Nevada. If you work for a living and by work we mean but bustin blister raising, foot, pound and hard work, then you know something about being dependable, someone you can count on in a pinch at us. Abe. Clothing, boot And in a world of ever changing technology and increasing waist, ah, hero arises. Ah, bright young filmmaker armed with a camera determined to make a difference in this world and win mega cash prices. That hero is you. It's K hits where we play the hits. Yeah, we get it. These are the hits each week. One new city, one struggling business, three talented teams of artists competing for a chance to win a new client. Ah, $50,000 payday and some serious bragging rights. Christie Todd and Jason Smith. Your news at 11 is on now. First fast and the best news in the Valley News 11 is on now. It's sports night every Sunday at nine following nine. News at 11. Friend. Did your dog die? Girlfriend leave you truck breakdown at Rock Chevy. We love a good country song, too. And while we can help you with the first to weaken definitely help you with a new truck with over 18 acres of inventory and invoice based pricing. Even if your dog died and girlfriend left you, we got your back. The all new Rock Chevy Route 1 20 in Gray's Lake.