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    Country Music Star Voices

    The country music star is a character who composes and sings country music, both at concerts and for records. The country music star is a musician with a rural background, often singing about simple, relatable things in life. Country singers also sing with deep emotions, whether it be happiness, sadness, love, or another emotion. Country singers may sing alone, with a partner, or with a group. If the country singer is working with other country singers, he or she will sing pitches that compliment the range of the other singers. Outside of singing, traits country singers may have are being humble, grateful, family-oriented and religious, as those traits are common in the American south, though there may be others who do not hold these values.

    Country singers often have an accent, typically a southern accent. This accent can be natural in someone raised in the southern United States, or acquired through practice. Country music is often simplistic, and the lyrics are easy to pronounce, sung at a relatively slow to moderate pace. The tone of the lyrics in country music is also relatively soft, especially in older country music. Despite the softness and slower tempo of the music, the singers are still strong singers, as the topics of the songs are generally close to the singers’ hearts, and are sung genuinely. Newer and younger country singers may sing with a moderate tempo and sing with a more “pop music” tone, as well as singing more, but not exclusively, about material things in rural America, such as trucks, clothes and other things associated with the rural southern United States. Those qualities above are some of the differences between “old country” and “new country”.

    Listening to songs by country singers, both in the “old country” and “new country” genres, can give you some ideas on how to voice a country music star. Some examples of old country music stars are Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton. Newer country can be heard on the radio or by musicians who try to bridge the genres of pop music and country. By listening closely to country music and emulating it yourself, you too can sing like a southern country music star.