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jet boat Captain Buck Dewey is scouting one of the Sammons deadliest rapids before attempting a critical supply run right through it. Buck is one of only 10 captain's permitted to run people and supplies to the Sammons Rapids Meet Mike Kennedy when he's not repossessing multimillion dollar planes, stunt jumping bikes with the cannibals or running guns. Mike winds down the day with his wife, vowel, and some of the other critters he's collected over the years. While meerkats have baby sitters to rein in The misfits lion, mom's take care of their cubs together, even the ones who can't keep up. Cheetah siblings learned to hunt as a team, but the little Leopard takes his lesson alone. Today, Phil rushes to finish the plumbing and electric so the drywall can go up on. The family can move in. He's still doing almost all the work himself, but Linda's got other ideas. Across a vast plain in northeastern Britain, tens of thousands of Celtic warriors prepare to charge into battle. Their leader is Boudicca, queen of the icy Me. At the far end of the battlefield stand the icy knees opponent's 10,000 disciplined and highly armored Roman soldiers