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we keep forgetting. This is the place where life originated and how much of who we are as a planet is related to our oceans and how our possibility of a future is related to them. The O. G s works to safeguard and enhanced natural resource is and oceans to assess and prevent geological, environmental and climate risks, to disseminate scientific knowledge and to transfer research to technological and socio economic development. The icebreaker Laura Bassi, owned by the O. G s, supports the polar scientific community, is the only Italian ship capable of operating in the Antarctic and the Arctic areas that are witnesses of human history, as well as profits of our future. By this ship. We obtain information that was never possible for Italian ships in the past through multiple technologies. Today we can measure and control all changes in the ocean. The Earth speaks to us and we must know how toe listen to it when we know the keys and we have the right tools. The sea gives us answers all the time.