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Gamers Reel

Not Yet Rated


Demo shows character versatility and ability to edit and mix recording

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General) , Scandinavian


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Mark Paskowitz. Gamers. Rio! Father, The constable is coming. How far, Marcus? Just over the rise. No time. Gather your things. Hurry now. Uh, here it is. Jacob. Yes, Grandfather. Take this talisman. It will help you on your journey, but aren't you? I am too, Father. We can try. Marcus, This has been discussed. It's the only way you protect Jacob. I can only give you small time. Get away! Open up! By order of the Constable the year you must go into the cellar. Take the RIA passage. Fill your test. Jake, open the store. Old mine now! Do not Terry, Father. But Grandfather! Go! I am coming. I'm an old break it now. Where have you hidden him, old man? I don't know what your doubts play. Gaze the boy. Where is he? No matter. Find him, sir. And you defy me. Oh, sir, the boy is not here. Take everything of value. Burn the rest. They killed him. No time to sorrow, Jacob. You have a destiny to fulfill.