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Peter Weyland's TED 2023 Address in the style of Guy Pearce.

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T E. Lawrence Autonomously of Arabia. Very much an Englishman favoured pinching a burning match between his fingers to put it out. When asked by his colleague William Potter to reveal his trick. How is he so effectively extinguished the flame without hurting himself whatsoever? Lawrence just smiled and said, The trick, Potter. He's not minding. It hurts. Fire the doors. At the end of the match was a gift from the Titan Prometheus, a gift that he stole from the goats when Prometheus was caught and brought to justice for his theft. The gods Well, you might say they overreacted a little. The poor man was tied to a rock. I was an eagle, ripped through his belly and ate his liver over and over. Day after day ended tonight, andl because he gave us fire our first true piece of technology. Fine. We're now three months into the year of our Lord 2023. At this moment in our civilisation, we can create cybernetic individuals who in just a few short years, will be completely indistinguishable from us. Which leads to the obvious conclusion We are the gods now