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Excerpt from the brand new podcast, Robots vs Dinosaurs, now available on iTunes

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military robots were being built are sort of build like gazelles or would like a dog like structure. And human bipedal structure is usually very inefficient, like the dog robot that opens the door. I've seen that video that creepy. I don't like that. I think it's interesting that you don't want a robot that doesn't have a human. Or is it that it doesn't have a humanoid form? Or that it has a creepy dog? One. No, I just don't want it to open the door. I think that's scary. Don't come in here. Yeah, I mean, just the fact that it can it can do something. I'm sure that it's again. I'm sure that the dog robot that opens doors is probably built with good intentions. But to me it feels like I'm so going to get stuck in, like iRobot or something where they're going to be hunting us down or something. When I see that like it stares. May I think this movie really touched on something that you articulated really well, which is that we need to keep humanity in mind when we're designing robots that will interact with humans. We don't want people to be visually terrified of them on site. I wonder if that's something that robots are aware of when they, uh, inevitably start to replicating Design themselves like as they become self aware. Oh, yeah. I wonder if they're gonna care about, like, how much they intimidate us with their appearance. This whole premise is so terrifying, Teoh, that's like my worst nightmare.