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imagine if the first every way we did things just became the way if we all just said yeah that kind of works and left it there. That would be ridiculous. Right. Well that's how the home selling process has been for all of time and honestly it hasn't been that great. The world is changing the pandemic. The climate emergency and new technology present great challenges to politicians everywhere. Half of the world's population is under 30 yet they are represented by only 2.6% of the world's elected parliamentarians in this e. Learning course. You will learn the importance of internet freedom in meeting U. S. A. I. D. Development goals by developing fluency with these concepts and issues. You will be better prepared to play a role in U. S. A. I. D. S. Efforts to advance internet freedom globally. Together we've become something big. We've formed a nationwide health company, a company born in optimism and a different approach to health and well being. A family of brands where experiences are streamlined and smarter where transforming care by investing in people, tools and innovation to make healthcare simpler more effective and more affordable. No matter what we achieve. Today's success does not always equal tomorrow's there are many pressures and challenges facing the auto business and the collective dealer body eight audacious dealers are participating in a pilot to team on innovation initiatives. We have only just begun the journey