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English Friendly & Conversational Samples for Radio & Videos

Voice Over • Video Narration


These were some of my (recent) favorite scripts where I just spoke beyond the script and into the consumers' ears. It felt real and genuine for me.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


North American, Philippines (Filipino, Tagalog)


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Yes, it's real. It's not tested on Latinos, but don't worry about it. It's tested on european asian and american people. All medicines you see here are not tested on Latinos. I really understand what you're saying and there is something we can do about it. That is a new movement called tested on Latinos. We can gather around and create together a new bio bag of latin genetics. Yeah. Hello and welcome back to prove Valerie guides. Today, I'm gonna show you one of the best Yoru lineups to clutch an easy two V one. As you can see, I can throw my teleport down see long and teleport behind the jet, killing her instantly. The breach proceeds to use a few of his utilities on me, but I'm able to clutch up and secure the win and that's how it's done. The apparel industry is changing. Have you noticed nowadays sourcing even the most basic products seems impossible. Where's all the inventory? Well, most of it is locked in large shipping containers floating in the ocean. You see traditional supply chains are broken And if you can't just deliver, how are you going to keep your customers? How can you keep up with all the changes when you have so much on your plate? It's just problem after problem. After problem after. It's a lot to process. We know, but hey, you are not alone and we have the solution you've been waiting for. We are merchandise. Okay. You got this just be yourself, Just be yourself. What is my management style? Well, I like to work closely with my team to ensure a smooth process. Also, I'm excellent at avoiding messes and I complete all tasks quick and effectively. Oh, I got this.