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English Saturday Morning Cartoon Animation Samples

Voice Over • Animation


These were some of the scripts that required me to bring out the hidden cartoons within me (from Optimus Prime, a weird minion alien, a overpowering king, a hyper monster truck announcer, and so on).

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Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


North American


Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
reporting in your highness what news of the Earthlings? Very high tech. So really how check out these new Casio G. Shock watches the new gravity to fire at triple G resist that protects against shock, vibration and gravitational force. Amazing intelligence. Also, this bluetooth smartwatch can connect with smartphones to allow automatic time synchronization and shows incoming calls, emails alerts on its display the nerve over their innovation. And they just keep on making more of these Casio G shock watches. Sound the alarm. I want them on all my tentacles, oops my bad. Um, let's do this again, shall we? Were you gentlemen please welcome. Thank you. Prize. Welcome 2022 Destest Elin Vegetation isn't a big day for destruction, raises clutches in and the winner is hot wheels. Monster trucks and sets eat sold separately, places them trucks, come with one car. Adults assemble stinking dust bunnies. I'm never going back. No, no, no, come on Dougie, resist the suck. No, no, no. Hi there. I buried my treasures all over my backyard and now I need to safely dig them up. Do you think you could help the