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Helen Duff Character Reel

Voice Over • Animation


Comedic, characterful range of voices for animation - including goofy, lighthearted children's cartoon, American GI, Southern American monster bunny, British drive time radio presenter with an over excited caller from Lancashire, a Transylvanian vampire and his pregnant Australian girlfriend, and American super hero just trying to get the job done while a creepy English witch gets in her way.

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Vocal Characteristics


English (British)

Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


Australian, British, Central American


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welcomes a fruit. Today was the magic of fruits and never ends. We're choosing our favourite freak. What is your favourite? And I like apples. I like carrots. Carrots are not a fruit. Carrots are a vegetable. Edmond is a bit of clever clogs. Are you ready to defeat the bad guy? If you got what it takes to protect your country and let's go. Well, you don't know when to quit, do you? I want you to remember this moment whenever you think you will be more than just a stupid carrot farming. Dumb bunny. First up, we're speaking to Cassie Clay from Lancashire. Cassie, what's your reaction to last night? Bun banning embargo. Afternoon, kitty. And can I just say what a pleasure it used to be speaking with you after all this time, call every single week. Just hoping. Except now I'm afraid that's all we've got. Time for today, Cassie. Thanks for calling. Cause you're daddy's girl or boy, because you're daddy's girl or boy, I'm hungry again. Honey, can you get me some anti ice cream? Not goingto happen as long as the baby's healthy. Yes, off course. A healthy little vampire. All human. Yes, Ah, human who can fly all about? Crystal does. This is what the Cyclones are after. But that many crystals could shield an entire squadron. Impressive, isn't it? Is. I can't let them get away with this. I've gotta tell arrow. Don't you want to stick around and find out what's really going on? I think I already know what's going on.