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Voice Over • Videogames


Western/Apocalyptic, Big Guy/Kind, Comedic/Crude (EXPLICIT), Bad Guy/Joker, Superhero/Prideful, Aliens/Banter

Vocal Characteristics


English (North American)

Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


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well, would you look at that? You used to love mornings like this lisa. There's a god awful world's gone to **** And I honestly wish I could have joined you. But I know I can't because she is still out there. Oh, don't go crying on me now. I was always going to leave. You knew that. Listen, I won't be gone forever. I will come back to visit. Always promise, Look, I'll always have a gift for both you and little Misha. Now, you've got to promise me that you will always be strong. Welsh. It's on a pickle stick. Where the funk am I going to find this world? Indian weapon of mass destruction. Why is it? Every time they say, please leave, you're our last hope, right? They probably have plans A B C D. E. And I'm plan F. For why the funk not? There's always a killer behind the math now won't you be a good boy and put your head to the dirt and let me take a good swing. Get it. Today is one of no name. Here is the greatest day of my life. The hero in saving the day. Life is behind me. Like I said, today is the first day of many stress free. Like is what I'm talking about now. That diamond heart are all this greatest hero is no longer protecting the people of New Star City. Who will be the hero. We need. I'm so bored. How much further do we get there? You gotta be patient. Better not touch nothing. Uh Was this but hindu one time nations did you press? Oh my god, you had to press the big red button. Just was born. And I didn't mean to. I did not need to. We're gonna die here. B Yeah, yeah, we're gonna die.