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    Lone Ranger Voices

    The lone ranger is a solitary character, who goes on his or her own way to achieve a mission or escape a problem. The lone ranger character often has few or no friends, a small or non-existent reputation, and a tendency to wander before making any attachments or commitments to people or geographic locations. The lone ranger character often has a specific reason for his or her wandering, which can be positive or negative, and be a result of the character traits he or she possesses.

    The lone ranger character is independent, often daring, and is usually goal driven, yet wanders. The lone ranger character is usually quieter, speaking less and maintaining an even demeanour. Lone ranger characters may have various motivations for their attitudes and actions. Some lone rangers are escaping something, such as a hostile environment, hostile individuals or groups or the consequences of their actions. Other lone ranger characters hope to do something good, wandering for opportunities, or are looking to experience new experiences on their own. Others still are driven by a desire for revenge or to complete a journey someone else started. Some lone ranger characters grow to become attached to a certain community or location and set their wandering aside.

    Common versions of this character archetype include characters who left home to experience something new or escape an unsafe environment, characters who are driven by a goal that requires they travel without others, lone riders such as in wild west movies, a character escaping the mob or the police, and other stories driven by a lone character wandering. Classic examples in film are Aragorn the Ranger of the North from Lord of the Rings, who was known only by Strider as a ranger, and Clint Eastwood’s numerous portrayals of heroic cowboys in the western film genre. Observing introverted characters who enjoy exploring and experiencing new things can help you get into the character of a lone ranger character, and voice it well.