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The Falcon Heavy consists of 27 engines with £5 million of thrust. That's as much as 18 Boeing seven 47th. In fact, it's so much thrust that there's no need to run the engines of Max capacity during the launch. Instead, the thrust is throttled and optimized throughout the flight, explore Big Sur redwoods and cross the Golden Gate Bridge into the heart and soul of this magnificent state. It's a region full of character, from movie stars to Silicon Valley giants to amazing natural wonders. Join us as we visit the Golden State of California, tune into the evening news tonight for exclusive reports on the state of the nation, rising property taxes and a new benefits program to assist senior citizens after retirement. Also, a look at the forecast for the week Have your umbrellas ready. It's going to be a wet one. When we all get vaccinated, we help stop the spread of Covid. 19. Be sure when it's your turn. You are ready. Let's end this pandemic together. This health message is brought to you by Ole Health. Live life Well