X-GAMES Real-Wake 2016 - Cool, Upbeat, Friendly, Conversational, Youthful, Knowledgable

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Natural & believable are the first two words that comes to most client’s minds when describing Jesse's voice. Jesse is a male vo talent who's voiceover style has also been described as conversational, guy next door, friendly, caring, relatable, trustworthy, young, youthful, religious, generation x, generation y, announcer, high energy, believable, millennial, accessible, authentic, natural, narrator, genuine, soft sell, hard sell, sincere, cool, hip, relatable, knowledgeable, promo, urgent, Canadian, American, North American, and educational. He is consistently cast for a wide range of age requirements, including male teen, 20's, 30's, & 40's (13-45).

Authoritative, caring, compassionate, deep, brooding, strong, bold, angry, casual, conversational, smooth, crisp, articulate, business, CEO, businessman, man, male, young, youthful, cool, calm, happy, genuine, friendly, buddy, IT guy, corporate, professional, intense, evil, hero, super hero, comedic, funny, gritty, preacher, romantic, engaging, personable, business man, motivational, motivational speaker, authentic, movie trailer, character, cartoon, velvety, wise, narrator,

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General) North American (US General American - GenAM) North American (US West Coast - California, Portland)


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real wake driven by Master Craft is a world of X Games competition based on the art of creating wakeboarding video segments. Wakeboarding is traditionally done behind boats but has evolved to include winching over natural terrain, hitting the ramps and rails at cable parks and building personal courses to ride through. For this contest, writers were open to use any method of riding to express their personal style and interpretation of sport for real weight. 2016. The riders and their producers are tasked with creating the best 92nd video segment possible. Those segments will be judged by a panel of legendary riders Brian Grub, Greg Nick, Rason Chase, Heaven ER and Tom Foucher. These judges will analyze the entire video, taking into account the quality of every aspect of the video segment. The riders have had six weeks to film and edit their videos. We'll go behind the scenes of each video shoot and show you what went into each of the segments before the winners a revealed. The riders in this contest are Josh, 12 Harley Clifford, Brenton, Priestly Steel, Lafferty, Dominic Hurdler and 2015 railway gold medalist Chris Abani. These are their videos, and this is a world of X games riel way