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this video is to demonstrate how the lifter paper height is detected and to troubleshoot paper. Not lifting. This video is strictly for the 520 sheet cassette one unit. As the lifter rises, the paper surface will contact the paper feed roller and push it in the other direction. The lifter height detection sensor PS 26 is blocked by a flag attached to the feed roller. PS 26 can be tested in Io mode under de con P 006 bit. Zero. To further demonstrate the lifter operation, the separation roller assembly has been removed to view the movement of paper in the cassette and the movement of the feed roller lifter, or paper height is detected. When the paper surface contacts the feed roller and pushes the roller assembly upward. A flag attached to the feed roller Mount blocks PS 26 the lifter stops removing the cassette one pickup unit. Open the lower door and remove one screw. Next, open the right door. Push both clips to lower the door. Remove the separation roller by sliding the lock lever to the unlocked position. Remove the guide by sliding it to the rear side of the I R. Remove the connector cover by pushing down on the clip. To release, disconnect the four connectors. Remove two screws and pay close attention to the sensor lever. Lift the sensor lever and pull out the cassette one pickup unit With the pickup unit out, we can locate PS 26 view its operation. First. We will undo the yellow wires from its mount. Next, lift the clip to release the cover two screws and remove the inter cover. Take note of the guide attached to the cover as the guide may fall during removal. Here's the location of P. S 26 the lifter height sensor location of the flag attached to the feed roller assembly. If this slide binds in the up position, PS 26 will always be blocked and the lifter will not drive just to make clear the guide position. During reinstall of the cover, the tabs of the guide sit above the feed Roller assembly. Lift the sensor lever up when installing the cassette pickup unit, Testy operation of the lifter and install the separation roller assembly. We hope this video helps in understanding the lifter paper, height detection