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Anthony Anderson, star of the long running sitcom Black Ish, understands the difficulties faced by African Americans with diabetes in real life, is a sufferer himself. As a community, African Americans are both twice as likely to be diagnosed and to die from diabetes as non Hispanic whites. A staggering 13.2% of all African Americans now have the sugars, as it is not so affectionately called. When he and the producers began discussing ways to integrate the disease into the show, everyone understood that a corporate partner like Novo Nordisk could help build credibility and ongoing support to address the myths and misinformation that are prevalent within the community. The result was the first ever full episode integration with a pharma company to address prevalent myth and raise awareness about treatment options. Anderson's fictional character would now face the same issues that Anderson the person faces in real life. Not what you hope for Dre, but the good news is diabetes is manageable exactly. You'll want to exercise, changed your diet. It means that be a diabetic for rest of my life. Is that it? Throughout the show, his wife providing emotional support to demonstrate that just because someone has diabetes, their friends and loved ones won't leave them and they have nothing to fear. With the conversation now opened, Anderson hit the talk show circuit on World Diabetes Day to combat the preconceptions with actual effects about the disease. Support from novel Nord is also launched a campaign website that house rich content and customer relationship management opt in with earned and social media driving, engagement and interest. In the 1st 3 months, the campaign received 225 million earned media impressions. Additionally, 60,000 people joined the get real about diabetes, Facebook community and 4.29 million tune into the episode.