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E-Learning demo with examples of medical narration, educational videos, children's learning, and corporate explainer work.

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in today's fast moving work environment. Only looking at what is in front of you and not the people around you becomes second nature. We are each responsible for paying attention to those around us and for respecting their differences. We are also responsible for breaking down the barriers are personal biases can build up in this module we will review actions we can take to break down these barriers and move past our stereotypes. This video shows the individual heart valves. The heart valve openings are protected by flaps of tissue called leaflets or cups that are attached the papillary muscles by the coordinates in denia. The popularity muscles are extensions of the heart muscle that pulled the cusp together and downward at the onset of ventricular contraction. Today we'll be discussing one of nature's cutest mammals, the red panda, though they also live near mountains and temperate zones in china. The red panda is in no way related to the black and white giant panda. These little guys sleep for almost 60% of their days. Talk about a power nap. Using an L. E. D. In crucial minutes before an ambulance arrives can increase someone's chance of survival. Anyone can use an aide. You don't need to be worried about getting it wrong or causing harm because the machine analyzes the casualties heart rhythm and then gives visual or voice prompts to guide you through each step. Let us begin.