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did you say you need help with your math homework? Well, you're in luck because I'm a math genius. Okay, So long division is it? Let's start with an easy one 10 divided by five. Did you say you need a break? We've been doing math for a while. Let's get up and stretch out first. Let's try to touch our toes. Let's reach all the way down and try to touch our toes. Now count to three. One, 23 Welcome, players. I hope you're ready for this next chapter. Here we are in London, England, home of the British monarchy. Last Saturday night, someone stole the hands from Big Ben. Now he no longer ticks. We need you to get them back before time is lost forever. Ready for your first clue in this bridge is who'll of history. Find a room where you can read and seek out a book that contains the number two