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Create an effective radio voiceover with some of these classic, down to earth but engaging tones.

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at briers were turning out an amazing new ice cream one with double the whoa, double the wow. New double turned from briers. Joy is timeless. Joy is a story that has no end. Something is happening all over the world. No one knows where they're from or what's inside. It's up to us to find out Hatchimals, who will you, Hatch, take it to the max with lotto max and max millions. This Friday's $50 million $1 million. There's a word for people who exercise every day and always eat exactly what they should liar, do something good for yourself. Lean cuisine. It's not just lean, it's cuisine. My american girl dog is sporty funny creative because you get to decide what she's like and only my american girl doll come to life online so you can play games and explore her online world switch and go Dino's with bronco. The RC trice Sarah talks you are in control, press the transformation button and switch from a race car into a mighty dinosaur, pump up your look plump, ify your lashes with new plump. If I mascara a ginormous lash lifting brush booth slashes up to 50 times the volume and lifts lashes up up and away. Hello. Hello. I think I hung up on grandma, she's not home. Okay. Hey grandma, we drove a big truck all the way to grand prairie but we forgot the Benz bread Sam I gotta go. Mom said love you here at earthbound farm. We don't use any harmful chemical pesticides, all of our organic salads, fruits and vegetables are grown in harmony with nature. You can take comfort in knowing your protecting your family's health.