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    All About Reporter Voices

    The reporter is a character who collects or gathers information, and then reports it through a specific news network. The reporter character has strong interpersonal skills, interviewing individuals and representatives who have information pertinent to the topic of his or her report. The reporter character also has strong presentation skills, conveying his or her message to the audience in a palatable and informative manner.

    Attributes of a reporter vocal character

    The reporter character is observant, looking for new stories to chase. When chasing a story, the reporter character works like a detective, uncovering leads and searching for details relevant to the story. The reporter character may talk to numerous sources, ranging from law enforcement and the government to academics and corporate spokesmen, or even regular civilians with concerns or tips regarding a story. The reporter character is not afraid to ask tough questions and perseveres through difficulty to reveal and document the facts about a story. The reporter character then compiles all of his or her work and shapes it into a story that properly formats the facts of his or her investigation. The reporter character then delivers the story through a video or audio recording, as well as through written mediums.

    The reporter character may be in various situations, some safer and more pleasant than others. A reporter character who is interviewing students at a school event or talking to another newscaster is likely going to be relaxed and have a friendly demeanor. A reporter character who is interviewing politicians or corporate spokesmen in an investigation over shady business practices or a proposed policy may have to ask pointed questions and maintain an assertive, but not hostile, demeanor. A reporter character after a tragedy is often distraught. A reporter character may also be in danger or have to yell over noise to be heard, especially if they are on the scene in a war zone or during a natural disaster, such as a hurricane or tornado.

    Where you’ll hear reporter voices

    The reporter character can be seen in many forms of media. Most commonly, the reporter character is seen in real-life settings, holding a prominent role in all television and radio news channels. The reporter character can also be seen in non-fictional movies, such as documentaries, and in fictional settings, especially in crime, mystery, and sci-fi movies or shows, though they can be present in other genres.