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A Childrens' Read: Super Cluck

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Super Cluck (Jane and Rob OConnor) was selected to display a small portion of the character range this talent brings to studio--void multiple retakes and punch ins. From toddler and youth to old age, professional to comedic, Marchia MillerJones can give your work the desired ambiance for success!

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English (North American)

Voice Age

Child (5-12)


Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
an excerpt of super cluck by jane O'Connor and robert O'Connor. Read by Marcia Miller jones, page 22. Look, shout at the checks, chuck. Clark is flying! What? Cried chuck. Then he looked down on the ground was far away, wow! He shouted, I am flying. Check luck flapped his wings harder. Up and up he went, Mom ma, I can fly shot clock! Shouted mrs Clark was so proud, Be careful dear! She called up to him Chuck. Clark is a standard, a rocket! Shouted one chick chuck came down for a landing. Here he comes! Cried another chick. It's super cluck chuck like that name. Watch what super clock will do now. He said, look at this clip, shout out to now I'll do a tailspin and for my last trick I'll do a loop the loop, Crash chuck. Look landed in the vegetable patch. All the other chicks laughed. You're a big show off! said one chick, you're not super clock, your dump. Look, another said, I'm not yell to, I am super plot. Just you. Wait, I'll show you