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Michael James Lorin - Ortho-K - Warm, Sincere, Honest, Believable, Commanding, Natural, Medical

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mm. A revolutionary nonsurgical procedure is on the rise at for your eyes only of cumming Georgia. Ortho K lenses eliminate the need for glasses or daytime contact lenses and optometrist and owner dr Stephen is on a mission to help make them an option for those who benefit from them the most Children. It's amazing to see that with kids that there are vision progressively gets worse every year that we can actually control it. We can actually catch it early and stop that progression or throw carrot ology or or three Okay, improves vision by gently reshaping the eye while you sleep. Myopia or nearsightedness is the most common condition. They correct these lenses not only repair and restore clarity of vision but act as an ongoing treatment to prevent it from worsening over time. It's kind of cool because I just sleep and then fixes it like magic kind of. I can just put these on and I take them out in the morning and I can do whatever I want for the rest of the day. Doctors Fawn taught me how to like put them on, take them off. That really helped it speed it up North Okay is very safe and unlike classic a reversible treatment, the minimal risks are significantly reduced by adopting a regime of careful cleaning, wearing the lenses only as prescribed and maintaining regular office visits. The lenses may feel uncomfortable in the first night but Children are incredibly adaptable. They report that they do not even feel the lenses after the first few nights. The results are fast and the treatment is simple all while you sleep. If you had Ortho K lenses, you'll actually feel the difference in yourself. Me.