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Short narration describing the sun in our galaxy.

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English (North American)

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Middle Aged (35-54)


Caribbean, Caribbean (Bahamian Creole), North American


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once thought to be exceptional, our son is now known to be an ordinary and rather non descript star. Situated on the outskirts of an average galaxy, it is easy to understand how successive generations held the sun in particular esteem. It is the source of life on Earth. It warms up our world and gives light during our daytime. Nevertheless, in the grand scheme of the universe, the sun is just another middle aged main sequence star. It's Stella classifications in G two denoting it's yellowish coloring on its surface temperatures of 5000 to 6000. Calvin is not extraordinary either. There are countless G to type stars. Perhaps the sons only distinction might prove to be that one of its planets harbors intelligent life.