Querida Funck-True Voice Productions-TRAINING VIDEO demo



This is a Healthcare Patient Training Video audio showcasing a middle-aged female voice in a professional, informative tone.

Vocal Characteristics



Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General)


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at the Isaiah Hospital Network. We take our patient's health and how they're treated with the utmost importance. The I agencies are network of teams and hospitals as a light of hope for thousands of Marylanders in their darkest hour. That's why it's crucial that our entire team is up to speed on the best and most current patient care standards. It's your professional commitment to take care of your patients and to make sure they're never harmed in this training video will walk you through I a. Gens updated patient care policy. These new standards will ask you to re orient your thinking and change some routines you have developed to ensure every patient receives the best treatment possible. The adoption of our redesigned patient care processes involves not just occupational therapists but everyone on staff from administration to the patient families. As an example, suppose a patient was improperly and prematurely released from the hospital and suffers a serious fall at home. We need to assess all processes that led up to that decision, including where was the system faulty? Why did have experience a breakdown and how can we fix this