Audiobook Demo - Thriller, Spy, International, Russian, Jason Bourne-Type



This is a short excerpt from a thriller style audiobook where the main character is entering a restaurant to hide out in the city of Kazan.

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Voice Age

Middle Aged (35-54)


North American (General) Russian


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Robert Mattson audio book read. I walked into a small restaurant into the third rate hotel, where I had paid cash for three nights in advance. I didn't plan to stay more than one, but if there were people looking for me among the 1,000,000 residents of the city of Kazan, it would help to see more like a tourist here for the minced meat pies the city was known for. Since it was late, The dinner Russia Doherty cleared out, and I had my choice of tables. I took a booth in the back that hit my face from the street but still afforded a good view of the foot traffic. A bartender in his early thirties came up with a menu, something to drink, he said. I waved away the menu and ordered a bold of soul Janka and a beer in my limited Russian. He went to the bar, pulled out a cold bottle of Baltika and dropped it at my table. I nursed. My drink is I went over the last 48 hours. Two countries, three cities and one dead body. Fortunately, not mine