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meet the codex system. The first and only ultrahigh multiplex imaging platform. That is affordable and can generate single cell spatial data on your bench top here's how the codex chemistry works. There are three basic components codex barcodes which are unique Allah go nucleotides designed for the codex workflow codex antibodies which are pre conjugated to the codex barcodes. And codex reporters which are floor affords conjugated to Allah go nucleotides. For visualizing the antibodies. Users have the flexibility to create panels comprised of commercially available. Accoyer validated antibodies or clones labeled with codex barcodes using a coy. As custom conjugation kit. There are three steps in the codex workflow stain image analyze first the tissue was stained with the entire antibody panel in a single step. Next the stained tissue is imaged through a cyclical process of reveal image removed. In each cycle three reporters are added to reveal three cell markers at a time. These reporters bind to their complementary barcodes and when excited with a light source, they fluoresce The software then directs the microscope to image the tissue with these three markers. After the images acquired, the reporters are gently removed and the cycle repeats until all the markers on the panel are revealed and imaged in the tissue. This cyclical process of reveal image removed is fully automated with the codex fluid X instrument. This combination of single step staining and floor for based detection, preserve sample integrity for downstream region of interest or r. O. I. Analysis. Once all the images are required that can be processed and analyzed with the codex software suite interested in learning more about the codex system, get in touch with us at a koya bio dot com slash codex.