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welcome to Marvel Battle World mystery of the fan. Oh, stones, They know, says Trap, the most powerful forces in the multi verse within mysterious Danno Stones and dropped them onto its treacherous battle world. Pick your favorite hero, rescue your friends and win enough battles to defeat Fan knows to get started. Place your hero and hero card in front of you. Pay attention to the special hero power ability on the card. Next shuffle of battle cards into a face down stack. Finally, place the fan Oh Stone Mystery hero Card Danger tokens attacked I and Danger coin nearby. When playing alone with a single battle ball, you'll need to win three battles to win the game. However, if you lose three battles, you lose the game. If playing with a friend or when you have more heroes in battle cards, just check this chart in the instructions to see a few changes to the game. Play Each turn has three steps one ready heroes and add battles to move and attack and three advanced danger. First, ready your heroes by flipping all active hero cards to this side, readying them to attack now draw one battle card from the stack for each active hero, placing it next to any other battle card. It's now time to move into attack. Choose a hero that hasn't attacked this turn. And if you want movinto any other card, this is the battle card. The hero will attack. Role the attack, die and add your heroes. Highest attack bonus that matches the battle card. If your total is equal to or higher than the attack target number you hit. If your hero isn't already on the hit track, place it on the first space. Otherwise, move your hero to the next open space on the hit track. When your hero reaches the last space on the hit track, you win the battle. When this happens, flip the battle card face down and place your hero on that battle card. However, if you're die, role is less than the attack target number. You miss place a danger token on the first space on the danger track, if there's not one there already. Each additional Ms moves the token to the next open space, and once it reaches the last space, the battle is lost. When a battle is lost, flip the battle card face down and place the danger token onto it after attacking whether you hit or miss, flip your hero card. Face down. After all, active heroes have attacked. Flip the danger coin for each battle card that matches the danger symbol either sun or moon on the danger. Coin movements. Danger token. Forward to the next open space. If a battle car doesn't already have a danger token, add one. Now start a new turn by flipping all active hero cards Face up. Now you're probably wondering about the mysterious piano stones. If you win a battle with a fan of stone, crack open your mystery fan Oh Stone to reveal a new hero and open the Mystery Hero card. You can add the rescued hero toe any battle, and they can attack on the same turn. Their rescued. If you have multiple theano stones that haven't been opened yet, look at the bottom of the fan Oh, Stone for a printed code and find the Mystery Hero card in a wrapped bag that has the matching code. The number of battles required to win along with the set up changes based on the number of starting heroes and There's a chart at the end of the instructions to tell you what's needed. The fate of the multiverse rests in your hands.