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E-Learning Demo- Informative, Knowledgeable, Professional

Voice Over • Elearning


Professionally produced demo, recorded in my own home studio with current equipment.

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English (North American)

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Young Adult (18-35)


US General American (GenAm), US Midwest (Chicago, Great Lakes), US West Coast (California, Portland)


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Alright, Rock star. You're just about done with your new employee training. We've thrown a ton of information at you, and this last module is no exception. But before you get out there on the GNC sales floor and chat apps, um, customers looking for healthy options in their diets and supplements way need to talk about what you can and cannot claim about our products. Don't worry. We're gonna walk you through it right now. Smash that next button and let's go. Welcome to Module four of Fruit of the Looms Human Resource Associate Training In this module, we will review the definition of the Family Medical Leave Act, FMLA and its provisions, learn the qualifying reasons for family medical leave and finally understand the responsibilities associated with following the proper protocol in the application of F M L. A. What colors are the balloons. You're right. There are red balloons and blue balloons. Are there any other color balloons? Yes, you got it way. Also have green balloons. Christina, I'm meeting with you one on one, and we'll do the same with Sam and then James toe. Understand how we're going to resolve the tension in the kitchen That's great, but I really think you should talk to Sarah instead of James. She knows more about how the line works when the restaurant is busy. Thank you for letting me know that I will include Sarah and the discussion to get her ideas. In our last module, we talked about nuclear Filic Attack, which involves two types of molecules Electra files and nuclear files. Electra files are electron loving, so there's something like carbon battalions that might have an empty orbital and a positive formal charge. Nuclear files are ready to attack any molecule with a complete or partial positive charge. So our nuclear file is the starting point for our electrons, and the electro file is their destination.