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Sample of professional radio & TV spots. A diverse range of style, from luxurious everyman to cowboy, Texan to deep and sincere to dependable and endearing to conversational buddy and avuncular reassuring dad.
Known for being healthy, relaxed, trustworthy, folksy, engaging, articulate, honest

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Young Adult (18-35)


North American (General) North American (South West - Texas) North American (US General American - GenAM)


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two roads diverged in a wood and I, I took the one less traveled by and that has made all the difference. Find new roads with the all new chevy traverse. Want to take care of everything your car needs under the hood, all under one roof. That's a job for Jiffy. Our experienced technicians will get you in out and back on the road. Jiffy lube, you can do more in a jiffy. What if you could use the power of water, light and sound to relax to rejuvenate, to reconnect right from your bathroom color, connect the world's most advanced smart home technology. Howdy. Now I know what you're thinking. That was a tough looking cowboy like me have such a smooth flawless complexion. Well I reckon it's, this kills age defender cream for men. Just because I spend all day sitting in a saddle doesn't mean my face has to look like from our single serve cans to our sparkling collection. There's a Stella rosa wine for every occasion, celebrate with Stella rosa. The innocence project works to free the innocent prevent wrongful convictions and create an equitable system of justice for everyone join the fight and innocence project dot org with virtual and in person appointments, primary care, mental health care and more carbon health is working to remove boundaries and make personal high quality care available wherever you are. It's your lawn protected Scotts, turf builder triple action. The only fertilizer that jump starts new growth while preventing tough weeds and AVUNCULAR, abundant, able, active, adaptable, adventurous, amusing, animated, anthemic, approachable, ARTICULATE, athletic, Attentive, attitude, attractive, authentic, authoritative, balanced, believable, bold, booming, brave, calm, capable, CAPTIVATING, caring, casual, charismatic, Child-like CHARMING, classy, clear, cocky comedic, COMFORTING, commanding, complex, confident, conversational, cool, corporate, courageous, creative, credible, crisp, cynical dad, deep, DEPENDABLE, dramatic, dynamic, DEVELOPMENT, RESOURCE, INNOVATION INNOVATE, EFFICIENCY EFFICIENT, COLLABORATIVE, TEAMWORK, RESILIENCE, PRODUCTIVE, PROLIFIC, earnest, easy-going, edgy, emotional, educational, Empathetic, ENDEARING energetic, ENGAGING, enthusiastic, everyman, excited, explosive, executive, experienced, fatherly, friendly, fresh, FOLKSY, fun, funny, gentle, genuine, gravitas, gripping, gritty, grounded, guy next door, HEALTHY, healthcare, heroic, hero, heartfelt, helpful, HONEST, humorous, humble, insightful, incisive, informative, inspirational, hero, good, intelligent, Intellectual, interesting, INVITING, knowledgeable, layered, laid back, loving, LUXURIOUS, manly, masculine, mature, medical, HAPPY, meditative, military, modern, Motivational, mysterious, FUNNY, narrative, narrator, natural, organic, OPTIMISTIC, passionate, persuasive, PERSONABLE playful, poetic, polished, positive, powerful, precise, professional, professorial, proud, raspy, REAL, REASSURING, reflective, relatable, RELAXED, reliable, reverent, rugged, sassy, sarcastic, scientific, serious, sincere, soft, SMART, smooth, soothing, skilled, sophisticated, spokesperson, sports, steadfast, suburban, straightforward, strong, studious, SWEET, sympathetic, surfer, teacher, Texas, textured, thoughtful, tough, TRUSTWORTHY, upbeat, unassuming, uncle, uplifting, versatile, VETERAN, WARM, witty, whimsical, worldly, youthful