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Outwitting The Devil by Napoleon Hill , English , audiobook , podcast

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This is just a sample recording from an excerpt from my favourite instalment by Napoleon Hill audiobook style to showcase my voice.

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Young Adult (18-35)


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For more than a quarter of a century. My major purpose has been that of isolating and organizing into a philosophy of achievement, the causes of both failure and success with the object of being helpful to others who have neither the inclination nor the opportunity to engage in this form of research. My labor began in 1908 as the result of an interview that I had with the late Andrew Carnegie. I frankly told Mr Carnegie that I wished to enter law school and that I had conceived the idea of paying my way through law school by interviewing successful men and women, finding out how they came by their success and writing stories of my discoveries from magazines. At the end of our first visit, Mr Carnegie asked whether or not I possessed enough courage to carry out suggestion he wished to offer me. I replied that courage was about all I did have, and that I was prepared to do my best to carry out any suggestion he had to offer.