Mob Guy (something like it)



This is a voice I did for some Walmart spots. Kind of Joe Pesci-esque. I've used this voice for commercials and animation.

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North American (General) North American (US New York, New Jersey, Bronx, Brooklyn)


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Hey, how you doing? Look, I got a beef. I was shopping for my girl, You know, stuff for dinner. This times gotten hotter than a blast furnace in Death Valley. So you got to pick out things that make for a cool meal. You know, like salads and cold cuts and stuff. Maybe a little bit real picnic style. Well, I figures I'm gonna go whip up a little fancy tossed salad or something until I get around to it. A tomato counter. Have you glommed onto the price of tomatoes lately? So the cost of living is inflated. So what? So a T bone makes like it just arrived from the sultan's classiest cow. Okay, at T bone. I can understand, but come on. It's a tomato. When it costs so much, it should be hanging from a charm bracelet instead of land around in a salad bowl. I mean, come on, who needs it?