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    Car Salesman Voices

    The car salesman is a man who sells cars, usually for a specific company or dealership. The car salesman falls into several categories. These can be due to divides in industry or in the character of the car dealer. Regardless of category, the car dealer has an optimistic attitude, knowledge on cars and associated products, as well as the ability to deliver a convincing pitch to a possible customer. The car saleswoman is the female equivalent of the car salesman, and performs all the same tasks.

    Car salesmen are generally good communicators, picking up on concerns about the vehicle and addressing them, as well as emphasising traits that are attractive to prospective buyers. Car salesmen also act as problem solvers, finding cars and financing options that best fit the budget and checklist of the customer. Car salesmen are usually organised and focused, able to answer questions about vehicles and show products to customers in a timely manner. Car salesmen are also optimistic, and enthusiastically pitches their products in a convincing manner.

    The occupational differences between kinds of car dealers include the new versus old car dealers, as well as brand or dealership loyalty in contrast to general car sales. The new car salesman, especially one with a specific brand loyalty, will focus on the excitement and quality of a new vehicle, and have a lot of knowledge on that specific brand or type of car. The used car salesman has general knowledge on most cars, regardless of brand, and will focus more on the positive traits of the vehicle being presented at the time.

    The car salesmen who are with a specific dealership may promote add-ons and other related yet optional products in an attempt to increase sales. The ability to convince a customer to buy more is an important part of the car salesman’s job. The car salesmen who are selling used cars may spend more of their time convincing a prospective buyer of the positive traits of a car, especially if the car has issues with it that may dissuade someone from buying it.

    The character differences between car dealers create a distinction between honest car dealers and the shady car dealers. The honest car dealer will disclose all issues with a car, the fair pricing for a car, the fees associated with purchasing a car, and permit the customer to look over the car before purchasing. A dishonest, shady or sleazy car dealer will omit information about a vehicle, hide fees, deny lookovers and downplay any damage to the vehicle or complaint about unfair pricing. These dishonest car salesmen may be associated with criminal activity or are only looking to make a sale. 

    If you’re looking to voice a car salesman, it is best to know which type of salesman you are voicing, and also study up on the vocabulary of the car industry. You can visit car dealerships and talk to salesmen to observe the tactics, speech and character of a car salesman. If you follow these tips, you should speak like a car salesman with all four cylinders firing.