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It's midweek, it's Sturgis. We're hitting the wildest bar on the strip, checking out the world's hottest bikes on getting fired up. For a total burnout, get ready to rock the mean streets of Sturgis for full metal mania. A. The annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is the world's wildest biker bash on. When the rally is in full swing, things get a little out of control. Would you like to see my booty? Some are rally veterans. Others air new to the madness, the one thing they all have in common. Ah, burning passion for bikes. Beyond the banks of the Nile, about 10 miles south of Cairo, is Abou Zia, land of for gotten pyramids. Here in a restricted area, a team of Czech archaeologists is digging deep beneath the sands. After three hard years, they've uncovered an ancient shaft for six months. They dig the shaft under the constant threat of cave ins. Now inside the chamber. What they find is remarkable. A limestone sarcophagus condition is very bad, but how did this 50 ton coffin get down there traveling? North Carolina sits on the edge of the Cherokee National Forest, perched in the shadow of the Tennessee border. Go ahead. Word Cherokee has many translations, but most believe it to mean those who live in the mountain. My name is useless, Conway. I'm a mountain man. Live in the mountains. Feel the mountains. Breathe Mountain Eustis chose this area is a place to build his sanctuary. He calls it Turtle Island. America's original pioneer, Daniel Boone, is said to have hunted these woods, and Eustis embraces the frontier way of life. You really rub two sticks together to make fire, making just enough to pay his bills. Eustis lives completely off the land. This is how you do it. His workday is so strenuous he burns upto 3500 calories a day. So just to maintain his weight, he must eat 5000 calories a day. Making gathering food. Job number one of all the fish in the sea. This is the top predator, the great white shark. You're talking about an animal that can kill you with one shot. A £5000 male starts a hunt. He hasn't eaten for three days. He picks up a scent from two miles away. Seals Seal Island. It's early winter, right? When this 75,000 course buffet must leave the island in search of food. It's the pups first tried swimming. Instinctual Grace soon surpasses clumsiness. They're on a mission to get to their fishing grounds. They must run the gauntlet. The great white waits patiently. Theo, older and wiser seals know what waits for them. Theme youngsters. They don't know any better. It's springtime on. This means new life is popping up everywhere, including the Misfit Island Wildlife Rescue Center. It's here that license wildlife rehabilitator Linda Williams cares for injured and orphaned animals. When raccoons air born, they way just two ounces. In order to stay healthy, they must put on weight quickly, and that means frequent feedings. Thes neo Neitz will be bottle fed until they're six weeks old. When they can begin to feed themselves from their, all they'll need is continued care and monitoring until release in the fall.