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    Biker Voices

    A biker can be one tough customer. Bikers can sound rough, gruff and raspy. Hardened by the road, their adventures and questionable colleagues, they can offer a fascinating voice to add to your project.

    The biker can refer to many different groups, but the general definition is someone who rides on a two wheeled vehicle. The groups who classify as bikers include bicyclists and motorcyclists, each who have distinct subcategories. All of these categories have different cultures but share many similar traits, such as an enjoyment of their vehicles and the passion for riding.

    The cyclist is one category of biker, and this can be further broken down into people who bike out of necessity or convenience, people who bike competitively, and people who bike has a hobby on mountain bikes. Bikes may also be used in certain occupations, such as delivery, policing or the army. People who bike out of convenience sound the same as any other person in their region. People who cycle for racing have the attitude of an athlete, with a drive to increase their speed, and reach goals. A trail or mountain biker has similar desires of reaching new extremes, however this type of biker bikes for leisure. Sometimes, cyclists may get in conflict with automobile drivers, with both disliking each other in highly trafficked areas.

    The motorcyclist is the other large subsection of bikers. These motorcyclists also include people who use a motorcycle for convenience, but also include motorcycle clubs. These clubs can fall into many further categories, some more unsavoury than others. These clubs have specific cultures around them, ranging from the type of bike being ridden, the people in the club, such as an all women’s club, or they could be dedicated to activism, charity and special interest groups, like veteran biking groups and volunteers who deliver medicine. Motorcyclists take pride in their vehicles and groups, having a sense of fraternity with one another.

    There is a small group of outlaw motorcyclists, some of which are more criminal than others. These are the stereotypical gangsters and bad boy types. These bikers are more hostile and may speak harshly. Outlaws generally form their own motorcycle rules of conduct, being more independent compared to other biker groups, though not all outlaw groups are criminal. Some simply create their own rules regarding biking conduct or outfits, and see themselves as very independent.

    All hobby bikers and biking teams or clubs share a passion for biking, and speak about their activities with pride. Bikers work hard to reach new goals and enjoy a fraternity with one another. Bikers ride in the face of risk, and have created their own subcultures to go along with it. Voicing a biker can be tough, but picking a subcategory of biker and learning more from there can get the gears turning and the wheels spinning.

    Whether you're looking for that classic Orange County biker or North Dakota lone wolf, we have it here with the world's largest selection of professional voice actors.