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Wendy Brown, Tampa, Florida, USA

I've been with since 2007. There are other websites out there that try to be like, but they just don't measure up.

Wendy Brown
Tampa, Florida, United States
Mike Kirby, VoiceWorx, Toronto, Ontario, Canada puts the power back into the hands of the performer. No longer do I sit and wait for the phone to ring from my agent in town. I book my share of voice over work from Carolina to Dubai.

Mike Kirby
VoiceWorx, Toronto, Canada
Paul Albertson, London, UK is what I consider to be an excellent global service. It puts the talent in control of the auditions and submissions. What once took two weeks now takes about two minutes.

Paul Albertson
London, United Kingdom
Deb Munro, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

I booked seven or eight jobs over a two week time span. And three of those jobs were over $3000. has it set-up just right and you can tell they care.

Deb Munro
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Herb Merriweather, Sun Valley, California, USA

I Googled myself silly until I came to As I explored the website I found interesting articles and podcasts. I absorbed that knowledge like a sponge.

Herb Merriweather
Sun Valley, California, United States
Lora Cain, Venice, California, USA

I was hired by a production company to do a narration for a transportation company. Not only can you be successful, but you can make your friends successful too.

Lora Cain
Venice, California, United States
Lori Taylor, Gainesville, Florida, USA has quite the reputation throughout the industry. The work just comes to you. How easy is that! It's no wonder is the industry leader when it comes to voice over work.

Lori Taylor
Gainesville, Florida, United States
Jon Bailey, Memphis, Tennessee, USA

I'm a father of four. This past year was difficult on our family and someone suggested I try to make some money with my voice. The last commercial I did was for a StarWars toy and I doubled my monthly income.

Jon Bailey
Memphis, Tennessee, United States
John McCann, Gulf Breeze, Florida, USA

I get up every morning wondering if I'm going to be a singing squirrel, talking alien, or promote the next reality TV show. Bravo for helping me see the future, one voice at a time.

John McCann
Gulf Breeze, Florida, United States
Tracy Parsons, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

Late last year my husband and I started doing voice work. A friend of ours had told us about I couldn't believe that someone was going to pay me to speak for them.

Tracy Parsons
Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

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You'll Find Thousands of Auditions and Voice Over Work at is the premier online voice over agency (for lack of a better word). They provide me with job leads, which I audition for, and hopefully get hired for as a voice over. The whole group at are the ultimate in professionalism, unlike many other online services. I recommend them highly…and know that if you choose them, you're on the right path to "LEARN & EARN!"

JC Haze
Voiceover Talent has been a part of my voiceover marketing plan since 2005. They are very tuned in to what it takes to begin as well as sustain a successful voiceover career. The staff is personable and approachable, and offer excellent value in education, marketing and audition opportunities. I highly recommend for any voiceover actor!

Bobbin Beam
Voiceover Talent

I am a voiceover talent that auditions through regularly. The site is AWESOME and has connected me with many fantastic clients. Whether you are a voice artist yourself, or someone who hires voice talent, this site will be very useful to you!

Michelle Flazon
Falzon Productions LLC

As a professional voice actor, I use to audition for projects for all types of work and clients. Of the sites of this type that I have used, I have found to be the most professional, courteous and helpful to my business. They are great people to work with.

Paul Hernandez
Voice Actor is a great place for the voice over talent to expand their business opportunities… provides the voice over talent with the right tools to pick up new clients by offering voice over auditions. Their customer support is second to none.. and will point you in the right direction that will help you land gigs. A first class company all the way!

Don Capone
Professional Voice Talent

Every minute spent auditioning is critical to my bottom line. Submitting auditions to clients that have met the strict criteria established by means I leverage my time to the highest extent possible. has become the industry leader in voice over because their customers, independent voice artists like myself, demand access to only the very best prospect. And, has a proven track record of outstanding customer service and superior value.

Carl Hedgepeth
Voice Artist

As a full time voice over talent with about 9600 clients from around the world, there's nothing I look forward to more than a casting call from Nothing compares to it.

Alex Verde
Voice Over Talent

I have loved being a voice over talent of I have booked voice over jobs around the country on their website and their annual fee to be a member is reasonable for the daily voice over castings you can submit yourself directly to online. Their customer service is friendly and always there to help you with any needs. They set the bar high for a voice over talent pool website, and I am proud to be a long-time member.

Keely Field
Voice Over Artist, Act Now

It's Fun and Easy To Use

I've been with for a while now and find it to be a very comprehensive and useful tool in my arsenal to promote my voice services and generate more business. The staff are friendly and responsive, the site is easy to navigate and is constantly being improved and everyone I've worked with there, from staff to the voice seekers that use the site, have been a pleasure to work with. Well worth the membership fee. Thanks,! And keep up the great work!

Jodi Krangle
Voiceover Talent is a truly professional internet service for voice over talents. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or just starting out in the field, it is a great location to find a steady stream of auditions. As a voice talent listed on I have had nothing but excellent service and positive reinforcement from the staff. I recommend that any voice talent join and experience the excellent service they provide.

Chip Joel
Voiceover Talent is one of the world's leading companies in this category. May I say, as a 30 year veteran of the voice business, that I could not have established, nor run my business without They have consistently provided me with opportunities that I would never have had without them. For those professionals who do not reside in a huge market or who reside across the ocean and out of personal touch with all the "big movers and shakers" in the VO game - gives us the opportunity to be right there in the "thick of things". Because of, I have many clients who return to me again and again - adding more value to their service.

Gray Gleeson
Voice Over Talent

I have really enjoyed being a client of They have done a superlative job on many fronts: creativity of product and service, innovation, business growth, marketing, customer service, responsiveness and networking. Their management team and customer service are among the best I have ever worked with across any product or service and they take a very thoughtful and personable approach towards providing value for their clients. Bravo, and I look forward to my continuing association with!

Daniel Goldman

I have found to be the best job-board site of its kind on the Internet. Well-designed and conceptualized, well-run and efficient with a focus on customer service.

Gordon Gibb

I've really enjoyed my experiences working with the professionals at - they are clear and thorough in their communications, in addition to their dedication to customer service/support and emphasis on promoting and making available professional development opportunities, all have helped me immeasurably in my pursuit of my voiceover career!

Dan Deslaurier
Voice Over Talent

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As a listed talent with, I gotta say, these people are consummate pros in the trade. They hold live webinars to help the talent bolster their visibility, they send many leads and go to great lengths to match one's talent with the client's needs. An awesome company to use, to advance oneself in the trade!

Bill Hollis
Voiceover Talent

I have nothing but the highest regard for They have proven to be a very valuable resource to me as a voice actor, not only in their primary function of connecting clients with voice talents, but also in the abundance of information and assistance they offer in every aspect of the voice over business.

Dave DeAndrea
Voiceover Talent provides a great service at an even better value. Whether you're just getting started in the industry or are a veteran, provides a variety of opportunities as well as training and education materials that aren't readily available without doing extensive research. has provided me with a great start in the voice-over industry and now, I'm well on my way to realizing a dream that I've wanted to pursue for a very long time.

Rhonda Alexander
Voiceover Talent

Not only is the must visit site for those looking to match a voice for their production and an excellent facility for voice artists seeking opportunities, it is also focused on creating the best experience. Forward looking and attentive to the latest developments, you'll find the service you're looking for here. My experience is that the team cares about all those who use their service and fully deserves its award winning reputation.

Andy Boyns
Voiceover Talent

You'll Get World-Class Customer Service at

Over my 20+ years in voice over, radio and television, I have never worked with a team that is more professional than the team. Every time I call on them, they take care of me within minutes, with friendly people that really want to do a good job. I highly recommend that you give them a try! They are the best out there when it comes to voice over services!

Lauren Holladay
Platinum Voiceover Talent of

Customer service and care for the multitude of talent they represent, is both the credo and mission of the team. The company strives to always put the talent they represent first and foremost! A directive that starts at the top with founders David and Stephanie Cicarrelli, and runs throughout the entire organization! The company's business model, steady growth and respect from an international base of voice professionals is a testament to their success and respect in the industry.

Ed Victor
The Big Gun

In a time when customer service can be difficult to find, has a team that takes personal interest in getting answers to your questions. It is a very important part of my marketing plan. I highly advise voice talent to take a good look at

Larry Long
Announcer/Producer, Midwest Communications, Inc.

The customer support team at is second to none. Whenever I have an issue that requires their assistance, they are unfailingly friendly, attentive, and pro-active in finding a resolution. They have my highest recommendation.

J. Michael Collins
Voice Actor

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