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The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing
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Tim Simmons

Old hermit followed by huge golem
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Tim Simmons

Fantasy Kommander 3: Eukarion Wars (main characters)
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Tim Simmons

Vocal Skills


English (North American), English

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Chinese, French, German, Indian (India), Irish, Mexican, North American, Russian, Scottish (Standard Scottish English), South African (Afrikaans), Swedish, US African American, US New York (New Jersey, Bronx, Brooklyn), US South (Deep South, Dixie, Delta)

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Voice Ages

Young Adult (18-35), Middle Aged (35-54), Senior (55+)


Animation, Audiobooks, Business, Documentaries, Educational, Internet Video, Movie Trailers, Podcasting, Radio, Telephone, Television, Videogames

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Turnaround Time

usually same day (unless it is a large project or I have other projects going)


CAD M179 large diaphragm condensor mic

Computer & Software

PC with Wavelab, Reaper and various audio plugins that allow me to do some very useful things, etc

Special Equipment

Focusrite ISA one preamp, Adam A5X monitor speakers , padded walls and ceiling with carpeted floor for a very echo-free result.

About Tim Simmons


He's also in the top 100 All-time Favorites on voices.com!

There's a reason why I'm in the top 100 favorites of all time - I pay them. NO, just joking. The REAL reason is that I make every job as important as the last. I give 110% every time and I'm only happy when the client is happy. I love bringing characters to life or making a game or book trailer grab the viewer's attention.

At this time (August of 2015), I have probably voiced something close to 500 different characters in over 120 computer games plus many other kinds of projects such as commercials, book and game trailers, museum tours, podcasts, etc.

If you're looking for a voice for -


then have a listen to some of my samples.

See below for a fairly complete list of clients, projects and characters.

Finally updated my pic. Now I just need a big droopy gray hat and a wizard's staff.

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Service Description

I do all kinds of character acting and voice over. Also, I normally provide proofreading and suggest changes to improve scripts (for scripts over say a page I'd need to charge for editing). I can take direction or be left to my own devices. Small revisions are free. I can provide the raw voice over, a fully-produced piece or anything in between. I have tons of SFX and compose music as well. If you have a huge project and just want to dump it into my lap, we can do that too. I did the casting, directing and half the voices for Fantasy Kommander 3: Eukarian Wars which had over 60 different characters and about 60 pages of dialogue.

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• Major League Baseball Enterprises
• Fox Sports 1
• Sony Online Entertainment
• Cryptic Studios (USA)
• Runic Games (USA)
• S2 Games (USA)
• Isopod Labs (USA)
• Nexon (USA)
• Elephant Games (Russia)
• Neocore Games (Bulgaria)
• Kindly Beast Games (USA)
• VI Marketing and Branding (USA)
• Age of Games (Italy)
• Fine Art America (USA)
• Alawar Games (Russia)
• Scienart (Russia)
• Masthead Studios (Bulgaria)
• NevoSoft (Russia)
• Unigine Corp. (USA)
• NCS Pearson (USA)
• Business English Pod (Thailand)
• Ferrara Candy Company (USA)
• Mind Wings Audio (USA)
• EPA Institute (USA)
• RandomWalk (USA)
• SomaTone Interactive Audio (USA)
• Two Monkeys, developer of 1 Penguin 100 Cases (Russia)
• GoodBeans (Germany)
• Syandus Medical (USA)
• Universe Music
• brandculture (USA)
• Athletic Greens (USA), Inc.
• Absolutist (Ukraine)
• Awaken Realms (Poland)
• Blackbird (Russia)
• Advance A/S (Denmark)
• Bold (Singapore)
• Urchin Games (Pakistan)
• Mariaglorum (Russia)
• 7Sounds (Brazil)

And many more!

Star Trek Online (Commander Samuel Winters, Captain Walker, Tal Shiar - Romulan, Captain Jurlek - Klingon, D'Vex - Old Romulan engineer, Khimek, Nausican Pirate, male pirate, Torg the Klingon, Klingon captain, Romulan captain, Klingon bar patron, Torg - Klingon, Benzite Jr. Officer)

Neverwinter (Old Lenn, Hal the Henchman, Bounty Master Neverdeath, Private Olliver, Corporal Benton, Hubert Windcastle, Brother Satarin, Elder Eye of Gruumsh, Eye of Gruumsh, another Eye of Gruumsh, frost goblin sharpshooter, Hejar Tailtuck, werewolf fighter, peasant chicken farmer, Samulkin Farcaster, Grigoi Scrimshander, bounty master, Captain Dunmish, troll, Guard Harris, Hedgewizard Nottin, Iolas, Lucas Shaneway III, Skreel Swiftwing)

Heroes of Newerth (ShadowBlade, Lord of Bones, General Rally, Reborn Disciple, Ymir the Creator Being, Amnoro the Wildman, Ancient Thai Puppet Master, RoboReaper, Bone Collector Shoth)

Torchlight (Overseer)

Strife (Parlance the oracle, Shank, Harrower)

Anything With An Engine (Rusty the racing coach, Monster Trash, Hazzard Hicks)

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing (Andrei the gaurd, Ilya captain of the guards, Mayor Daniel Hleb, Romany cheiftan, werewolf leader, werewolf, Boyko the cowardly guard, outlaw #1, whispering voice, two-headed cow, bandit #1, wisp, dreadknecht soldier, beggars, Arkady the rat, Dr. Dampf, smuggler, Domovoi Baggins, more beggars, rebel #2, pale gentleman, Professor Fulmigati - final boss)

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing add-on pack: Class DLC (Ilya captain of the guards, crazy priest, pale gentleman)

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing 2 (ice golem, suspicious prisoner, captain of the guards, adepts of Perun, jokester Domovoy, lime head, chalk head, flint head, obsidian head, majestic head, granite head, giant, spirit of the deep, ghosts)

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing 3 (evil clown, daywalker, Domovoy, dreamer, bandit, interrogator, kingpin, ghost, lumberjack, vampire, Nosferatu, werewolf, thug, wise gnome, acolyte of the faceless tsar, librarian, cultist, minotaur, ringmaster, undead, ghost traveler, gate keeper, fallen hunter, Atlantean mage, crazy old man, deformed prisoner, monster eating a gnome)

Earthrise (grenadier, kodiak russian, noir citizen, null, praetorian, seeyen, autonomy lo-lifer, continoma official, eastern gardens citizen, eastern gardens protocol droid)

Payday 2 (drug lord Hector Morales, casino table boss, slot machine player)

Dinosaurs Strike for the Wii console (narrator)

Fantasy Kommander 3: Eukarion Wars (casting/direction/audio production and voiced around 20 of the over 60 characters)

Chimeras: Tune of Revenge (Nigel the narrator, Nigel the organ grinder spirit, enchanted cauldron, enchanted mirror)

Majesty II (ancient lich and several other characters)

Twisted Lands 3: Origin (Father Sergio)

Magic Academy II (Professor Ferrus and the demon Kaligardyma)

Farm Craft II (scheming old man, guy in the meeting)

Million Dollar Quest (John)

Cartel Smash (all the voices)

Dream Sleuth (sheriff, teacher and villain)

My Kingdom For the Princess III (narrator, evil prince)

LandGrabbers (narrator)

Dreamland (evil midget carnival owner and his demon counterpart)

Mountain Crime - Requital (Charlie Smith)

1 Penguin 100 Cases (half the characters)

Mushroom Age (all the male voices - 7 I recall)

The Golden Years (all the male voices - 8 or 9)

Annabel (all the male voices - 7 or so)

Christmas Stories: Nutcracker (door, candle)

Christmas Stories II: (various toys and creatures)

Oil Rush (Zhuang)

Silentville (narrator, Loki)

Secrets of Power: Alexander the Great (Oscar the VP)

Mystery of the Ancients 2: Curse of the Black Water (Poseidon, Dagon, fire spirit, wind spirit)

Mystery of the Ancients 3: Three Guardians (narrator, Ingram Draco, Stephen, Owl, Lion, Olmo, Sheriff,
Prisoners, Crown, Icy giant, spirit of the amulet, face with many eyes, mages, camera guy)

Mystery of the Ancients 4: Deadly Cold (hunter, narrator, guardian, old man, radio voice, blacksmith, Crystal, scientist, ice giant, taxi driver, news reporter, Arzak the leader of the ice giants)

Mystery of the Ancients 5: (Jack, mayor, narrator, shopkeeper, stone mage, treasure hunter)

The Chronicles of Emerland Solitaire (old wizard)

Death Pages: Ghost Library (puppeteer and puppet, Dorian Gray, Hamlet)

Detective Quest: Crystal Slipper (leprechaun and baron)

Fey: Legends Unleashed (narrator)

Hallowed Legends 3: Ship of Bones (raven narrator)

Riddles of Fate: The Wild Hunt (Louis the bat)

Natural Threat 2 (news reporter, camera man, bus passenger, military man, scientist)

Outta This Kingdom (Zyrcon the evil guy, earth elemental, fog eyes, Kay, McDakus)

Ballad of Solar (narrator, Grogan the evil wizard, good wizard, King Lambert, dwarf, druid)

Unfinished Tales: Illicit Love (narrator, mirror, pirate's parrot)

Secret Trails: Frozen Heart (Weathermaster, gardener)

Mystery Trackers 4: The Four Aces (Ace of Spades, Ace of Diamonds)

Mystery Trackers 5: Silent Hollow (commander and train engineer)

Mystery Trackers 8: Nightsville Horror (commander)

Gangs of Boomtown (priest, black death, hard-to-kill bandit)

Grim Tales: Stone Queen (Mayor Sheldon)

Death Call (raving preacher for video trailer, Saul the Mexican weapons smuggler)

Calavera: Day of the Dead (Guidebook to the World of the Dead, Irish robot, Mexican robot, butler robot, waiter robot, teller robot)

Artist from Hell (narrator, Stephan Black, priest)

League of Light: Dark Omens (narrator, Johnny Blade, Jack Ironhide, John Four-finger, Elton Finch, Hope Finch, Smoggles the cave dwarf, Arbor the dwarf, Eric the dwarf, another dwarf, Lord Brendon)

League of Light: Wicked Harvest (narrator, forest spirit, dark stranger, treasure hunter, detective Gordon, small furry creature, David, scarecrow/hunter)

League of Light 3: (mage #1, arch mage, devastator, labyrinth keeper, narrator, Jack Ironhide, shop keeper, stone mage, treasure hunter)

Republic (african warrior, southern warrior)

Royal Detective 2: Queen of Shadows (narrator, blackthorn, spirits, treants, tree spider and Rizallion)

Haunted Hotel: Eclipse (Illusionist, necromancer, guardians)

Haunted Hotel 6: Ancient Bane (pharaoh, Abraham Shadowy, historian)

Haunted Hotel 8: Eternity (Tobias - and his alter-ego who is the villain of the game)

Haunted Hotel 9: PhoenIX (newscaster, chemistry teacher Mr. Peek)
European Mystery: Scent of Desire Collector's Edition (Jaques Frua the locksmith , musketeer guard)
Legends of Dawn (Mata Ronal, Moneril, Radik Kanutol)

Mystery Case Files 10: Fate's Carnival (Alister the main villain, lead detective, tattoo man)

PeaceCraft (narrator)

Charles Dickens: A Christmas Carol (Ebeneezer Scrooge, Ebenezer Scrooge angel, Ebenezer Scrooge demon, talking door)

Midnight Mysteries: Witches of Abraham (cowboy ghost at the hut)

Stray Souls 2 (voice on the phone)

Sanya (forest gnome, dark lord, parent, whispering souls)

Scarytales: All Hail King Mongo (King Mongo, Prince Murad, Zarrar)

First Wood War (narrator)

EcoWarriors (narrator, president of the port authority, engineer, Necrobot)

Fierce Tales: Marcus' Memory (Baltasar - an elder of Aquapolis)

Temptation (crow people, man in the crowd, guard, magician, Sebastian)

Shadow Shelter (detective, exorcist knight who is the narrator)

Haunted Train: Spirits of Charon (Charon, Dexter, conductor, Bluebeard, groom, newspaper narrator)

The Puppeteer (Thomas Gray the puppeteer)

Vampire In Love ( Dictor the narrator)

The Lost City (old blind man)

War Zone (heavy tank man, demo man, typhoon man)

Revived Legends: Road of the Kings (puppeteer, jeweler, tree)

Alex Hunter: Lord of the Mind (Dr. Charles Owen, coach driver)

Facebook adventure game - never got the name of it (professor Ballard)

Dream Path: The Two Kingdoms (King Harald, golden dragon, Aldred, Muir the tower cat)

Grim Tales 6 (judge Adderly, ghost, Edward who is also a ghost I think)

Weird Park 2 (usher, Chinese actor, Mr. Gilmore, detective)

Lost Lands: Dark Overlord (spirit of the mountain)

Lost Lands: The Four Horsemen (Maaran the hermit, Mountgore)

Underground Railroad (Jacob the slave)

Doom Warrior (barbarian warrior narrator, Ithrazel the final demon boss)

Weird Park 3: The Final Show (Louis Guache the clown, bas relief of the sun reciting a poem, detective,
theater owner, Gilmore, chinese man, magician, usher)

Christmas Stories 3: Tin Soldier (trolls, father mouse)

Christmas Stories 4: (Puss In Boots, storekeeper cat)

Clover Tale [match 3 game] (intro narration)

Twisted Worlds (narrator)

Mysteries of Neverville: The Runestone of Light (Roland, Arthur, Grimhall)

Surface 6: Game of Gods (man in meeting, murderous lumberjack, viking ghost)

Get The Gun (machine gunner, sniper)

Ember (cockney thieves)

Blood Will Be Spilled (narrator of game about a bounty hunting mosquito named Jack)

New York Mysteries 2 (Hugo, Chinese master)

Hidden Expedition 9: Dawn of Prosperity (Gerard Campbell the janitor)

Apocalypse Party's Over (Junk Norris, Minister Tommygun, Psycho Bobby, random people, football fan, Profet, Buss Brow, cop, bodyguard, moneygrubbing, Troll Hue Hue, M.C. Krapper, Presidyke, Presidyke Dilmacho)

Six Years - book trailer (Harlan Coben's novel, "Six Years")

Vindictus (trailer for game)

First Wood War - game trailer (narrator, in-game narrator, also)

First Wood War (new in-game promo vid - narrator and actors)

Ghost Train - game trailer (narrator)

The Black Infinite - game trailer (narrator)

Dragon's Prophet - game trailer (narrator in the style of a British nature documentary)

Dorado - kickstarter trailer (I am the voice of the golden skull, Dorado)

Left4Dead2 DLR community - mod trailer (narrator)

PULSAR: Lost Colony - game trailer (voice transmission from the lost colony)

Sorceror's Ring - game trailer (wizard intro)

Kitten Assassin - game trailer (narrator)

Villagers and Heroes - game trailer (narrator who is Lord Pyrrus, master of gargoyles, in the actual game)

Intents Festival 2014 - event trailer (narrator)

Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II - game trailer (narrator)

The Carpathian Assignment - book trailer (narrator)

The Fading - game trailer (voice of main character's conscience)

One God - game trailer (priest warrior narrator)

Asgard Watch - game trailer (narrator)

Return From China (narrator of trailer for game to learn Mandarin Chinese)

7 Sounds company trailer (all the voices)

Kung Pow! Heroes (Spicy Dragon, Pig Pedro)

LEGO: The Antimatter Missions (Antimatter, the evil bad guy)

Blue Ocean Bob: A Journey Begins (Old Doc the turtle, Wallace the walrus, Al the dolphin, Earl the clam and the narrator)

The Scapegoats (feature length animation: Rufus and a pudgy man in a crowd)

Dark Vessel (Shaman)

Mr. Halloweenster (Mr. Halloweenster, newscaster)

Mr. Halloweenster kid's song (Mr. Halloweenster)

The Naturalist (voice over PA system)

Syandus medical simulation (Mason – virtual patient)

Syandus medical simulation (Neutrophil)

Frogga Zulu (animated intro for Maya Graphics website, I do the voice of Frogga Zulu)

Maggie Maggie Pretty (narrator)

Toolbelt Tom (in-house animation for Home Depot employees)

Personal Asylum (narrator)

Gamaya Legends (Om the shopkeeper, Vibheeshana, Hanuman)


Denver Nuggets action figures (various voices for the toy figures in a few commercials)

Major League Baseball (The Show intro 2014/07/15 - old African-American voice)

2014 Big East Basketball Tournament show openers on Fox Sports 1 cable TV.

Oklahoma City Thunder local TV spot for 2013 playoffs (young African-American narrator)

Oklahoma City Thunder local radio spot for 2013 playoffs (young African-American narrator)

(Website hidden) radio spot Dec 2014 (time machine spot, Dr. Seuss spot)

Fine Art America ("What is Fine Art America?" TV/Internet, winner of a 2013 Platinum Pixie award)

Mecard Metamorphs! (narrator)

We Want Apps! (spot for GoodBeans website)

Guessomania (spot for GoodBeans website)

Little Builders (spot for GoodBeans website)

Ocean: Animal Adventures for Kids (narrator for GoodBeans app ad)

Midnight Express (three radio spots for their band)

VideoSEO (video search optimization spot)

AquaFlow (Why do I use AquaFlow?)

I Am Real (wild west cowboy narrator)

(Website hidden) (Todd, mechanic, narrator, Skip the mechanic, motorist)

(Website hidden) (old radio voice guy)

Cardlytics (narrator)

Quad's Haunted Mansion (two spooky narrator voices)

Opening Night (Houston Rockets game 1 of 2013 crowd exciter)

Vincent Price impression for some Android app (they never tell me the names!)

Trolli Gummi Candy (two 30 sec audio spots for Spotify ads)

Fulton Homes (radio spot with Dr. Suess type poem read)

Fair Shake spot for California (oil tycoon)

Kitchen Stories (online ads)

Fulton Homes (TV and radio spot with fantasy narrator)

Christmas Cards

LOTR tribute by Bold in Singapore (narrator as Gandalf, Gollum)


WWII Museum (Robert Capa)
Harriet Tubman Byway Audio Tour (voices of slaves: Jacob Jackson, Joe Bailey, Moses Viney, Sam Green, William Still)

Bucharest Tour (narrator)

The Three Little Pigs - iPad app (narrator, 3 pigs, momma pig, men, wolf or IOW, all the voices)

Jungle Book interactive app, GoodBeans company (narrator, Baloo, Raksha, Bagheera, Bandar-log, Shere-Khan)

Finnish Kid's Stories for Bohu Helsinki company (5 excerpts of children's stories from Finland, I do all the voices)

Puss In Boots for Universe Music Co. (all characters and narrator)

A Titan Tale (all characters)

Tristan and the Magic Tin (narrator, Moopus the magician, Skeever the owl, Dribbet the frog, tree men, Flint the young boy magician, grandma Jones)

Business Skills 360 (over 50 episodes)

Lost Boy, Lost Girl (I voice the part of John)

We've Got A Job (I narrate roughly half of the book)

Homeless (I voice the parts of Red and a couple others)

Through The Eyes of a Killer (entire story which has 7 or 8 characters)

Environmental Law (online class for EPA institute, over 600 pages of script!)

Options Professional Trading DVD learning series by Random Walk

Promo DVD for RandomWalk’s Options Trading DVD.

Math For Kids (science apps for kids)

Science courses for Texas schools (NCS Pearson)

Dixie (a documentary about the tune)

Sound Design/Audio/Music
Get The Gun (theme song "Get The Gun" for video game of the same name)

Fantasy Kommander 3 (SFX for 70 or so voice overs including demons, dragons, trolls, orcs, goblins, etc etc)

The Scapegoats (environment simulation for voice actors)

Bonanza screen music (for Blackbird sound company)

Farming Game soundtrack (for Blackbird sound company)

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Client List

Fox Sports 1
Sony Online Entertainment
Cryptic Studios
Runic Games
S2 Games
Kindly Beast Games
Isopod Labs
Elephant Games
Five-BN Games
Age of Games
Fine Art America
Alawar Games
Masthead Studios
Unigine Corp.
NCS Pearson
Mind Wings Audio, publisher of audio books
EPA Institute, creator of online e-Learning courses
RandomWalk, creator of stock market e-Learning content
SomaTone Interactive Audio.
Two Monkeys, developer of 1 Penguin 100 Cases
Syandus Medical

and many more!

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B.S. in Computer Science from Arkansas State University.
Playing music and making weird sounds since I was young (that'd be starting in the 60s).

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Reviews 5.0

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Very Professional

18 people said Tim was a professional inside and outside the studio.

Excellent Audio Quality

9 people said Tim’s audio quality exceeded their expectations.

Great Communicator

8 people said Tim communicated clearly and quickly.


Nov 5, 2020

Top notch as always.

Videogames Job #424368 • English • Middle Aged (35-54)

EXAR Studios Inc.

Oct 20, 2020

Tim was very professional and quick! He delivered a high quality recording 1 full day early with lots of options. We are excited to work with Tim again in the future!

Animation Job #419432 • English (North American) • Middle Aged (35-54)

Elephant Games

Oct 20, 2020

Videogames Job #421423 • English • Middle Aged (35-54)

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